Graphic tees are something that can be both chic and edgy at the same time. If you’re tired of only being able to wear graphic tee outfit that involves jeans and leggings, here are a few unique ways to style a graphic T-shirt.

First up, wearing a graphic T-shirt with a patterned skirt can give a super unique vibe. Pair it with some heels in a bucket bag for an oh so chic look! Another cute way to wear a graphic T-shirt is to wear undergarments on top of a T-shirt. It might sound weird, but it’s a super popular trend and it looks pretty cool if it’s styled right! Pair it with a simple jean skirt paired with matching shoes and cross body bag. You’ll be ready to rock the streets!

If you want to look extra edgy, pair a black or darker colored graphic T-shirt with a dark or black colored mini skirt… and some black heels to finish it off. You can give the outfit a pop of color by adding a vibrant or patterned purse and some cool sunglasses!

Another great way to wear a graphic T-shirt is as a dress. A vintage over-sized graphic T-shirt worn with a pair of booties or heels looks super sick and is a timeless outfit that’s always on trend.

Another way to look super cool in a graphic T-shirt is by wearing a chic sweater or jacket over top. You can pair it with any denim of choice and finish it off with a cute pair of flats.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone, try wearing a graphic T-shirt underneath a dress. If you want to look extra unique and have an outfit like no other, a dress and T-shirt combo is the way to go.