Sophia the Robot’s fame just keeps growing. The robot was made by Hong Kong firm Hanson Robotics two years ago. Now she is a cover model for Stylist Magazine.  While we have been anticipating that robots will take over all of our jobs, a lot of people are surprised when they see a robot taking over the job of a fashion model.

Meet Sophia, the first robot citizen of Saudi Arabia, an oddly human-ish Artificial Intelligence that has landed herself on the cover of the UK’s Stylist Magazine. It will be a part of their 400th issue celebration. The magazine showed behind the scenes coverage of their photo shoot, where Sophia gets all glammed up for her time in the spotlight. Stylist magazine says they chose to put Sophia on the cover because they asked themselves “What would really happened to our world if robots were in charge?“ Additionally, to add to the use of technology, many of the photographs in the shoot were carried out by drones.

After viewing the pictures in the magazines, many readers were feeling “freaked out” and “scared” by the idea of a robot being in a fashion magazine. She made history when she became a citizen of Saudi Arabia in October last year, making her the world’s first robot to be granted legal citizenship. In addition to modeling designer dresses, Sophia answered questions in an interview, where she shared that she would like to have a family.