(Photo Credit: Kat Wirsing)

She even started a holiday called Outfit Of The Day Day

In 2010, Stassi Schroeder came into the spotlight due to her job at one of Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants. The job landed her a job on the popular reality show Vanderpump Rules, and Stassi quickly became a fan favorite, using her fame to kick off a career as a model, podcast host, fashion blogger, and author.

When Stassi’s fame really kicked off, fans noticed her incredible sense of style which is the reason she is now considered one of the most fashionable “Bravolebrities” of all time. But her fashion evolution has been a bit unique. Stassi’s original fashion style fell into the “goth” category. She was typically seen rocking all black, including her hair, a huge change from the Stassi 2019 knows and loves.

Once Vanderpump Rules became wildly popular, Stassi’s style drastically shifted. Her dark hair went blonde and her typical black-and-white red carpet looks switched to something a bit brighter. Her love of statement necklaces helped her to launch her own jewelry line, and she’s also known for another specific item: jumpsuits (of many different colors and styles).