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Try out this new jewelry trend

Properly accessorizing is one the easiest and most personal ways to make an outfit entirely unique to you. Whether you’re incorporating hair clips, a statement bag, and embossed leather belt, or the perfect pair of shoes, the details of an outfit are just as important as the key pieces themselves. And no other accessory is as customizable and unique as jewelry.

What’s trending in jewelry? Layering multiple gold necklaces. The trend has been on repeat for months—dare I say all of 2019—and we can’t get enough of it. Pairing multiple dainty pieces together creates the perfect amount of detail, serves as a conversation starter, and can be worn multiple different ways for various looks.

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The pieces can be high-end or inexpensive, family heirlooms or ordered online. Mixing vintage pendants with new chokers is a personal favorite in decorating your chest and neck.

The trend has been seen on supermodels, actresses, influencers, designers, and streetwear icons. Because of its ability to transcend seasons, we don’t see it fading anytime soon.