Truth be told, we don’t know one girl that likes to sweat. It ruins your makeup, makes you feel hot, and the odor is something that we just can’t deal with. Unfortunately sweating does the skin and body so much good that we can’t hate it for too long even with all the foul things associated with it. Keep reading to find out how sweating can benefit your skin, body concerns, and overall health.


Cellulite. One of the biggest evils on the skin, mostly on the lower part of the body is cellulite and getting in a good sweat will help target these areas as it releases toxins and helps with weightloss. Paired up with dry scrubbing or a good body scrub, you’ll be saying “bye-bye cellulite” in no time.

Clear skin. On average, people who sweat more (assuming they shower afterwards) tend to have clearer skin. When you sweat, you’re pushing out the dirt and bacteria from your pores making for clean skin and overall brighter appearance. Don’t forget to wash your face properly after sweating to remove extra bacteria that sits on your skin’s surface.

Overall good health. Removing toxins from your body is the best thing that sweating actually does. Good health is the basis for better skin and body appearance so keeping your health at it’s best and being active will help with cellulite, acne, and other skin concers.

The best and easiest way is to simply exercise. There’s no need to go to a gym as parks are free and easilly accessed. If physical movement isn’t your thing, going to a sauna or getting a heated body wrap is the next best thing and burns a lot more calories than running. Check out your local spa’s for the best packages.