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More trends celebrating 90s style

In case you haven’t noticed, the ’90s are back with a vengeance and taking hold of every aspect of life, most noticeably the world of fashion. From high-rise denim, button-up shirts, bucket hats, and loungewear, fashion cannot get enough of the ‘90’s looks. And hairdressers can’t either. Earlier this fall, the signature “flip” hairdo made its appearance on virtually every celebrity in some fashion or another. But one ‘90’s ‘do is even more prevalent than the flip. The face-framing tendrils are easily the most popular hairstyle of 2019, seen on the Hadid’s and Jenner’s and VSCO girls alike.

Face-framing pieces do just as the name suggests-they frame your face. Similar to the effect of a contour, having the pieces hit either just below your cheekbone or just at the jawline sharpens facial features while also letting you sort of hide behind the pieces. They make hairstyles feel a bit more tousled and relaxed, even when they may take just about an hour to execute those two little pieces alone. And may I say, they make the perfect look for these cooler months, as they act a little warm shield from the harsh winds on your cheeks. It’s like a super-stylish face warmer that you can still talk in!

From messy up-do’s to slicked back ponytails, half-up ponytails and double-bund, pairing some face-framing pieces with your signature hairstyle is sure to keep you looking with the times, even if the look is decades old.

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