You may ask… What are the VMAs? Only one of the best music award shows of all time! With the 2018 VMAs quickly approaching, it’s only right to talk about some of the most amazing celebrities and what they wore. With an award show, comes memorable looks, and here’s a look at the best VMA looks of the past!

Madonna – 1984
Madonna rocked a lace bodysuit, white gloves, and crazy curls in 1984. She also performed her hit song at the time ‘Like A Virgin.’

Sinead O’Connor – 1990s
Though she wore a simple white dress, being bold at the time she still looked stunning and her beauty really shined from the inside out.

Axl Rose – 1992
He looked cool as ever with straight hair, a bandanna around his head, jeans, and a T-shirt. Though it was one of the most casual looks, he somehow managed to pull it off and still make it look amazing.

VMA’s – 1995
It’s no surprise that Drew Barrymore had one of the top looks. She wore a super sleek, black, sleeveless dress, with a vampire looking cape attached to it. As early as 1995, she made simply odd styles super chic.
Next up, TLC. Everybody needs tender, love, and care… and we definitely felt that in 1995 when all three girls showed up in white ensembles looking fun and angelic at the same time!

VMA’s 2000
The female pop R&B group Destiny’s Child all wore black, tight, dresses… but of course, they look beautiful.

Then there’s Eminem who rocked his signature white tips, a basic white tank top, and pants. That was somehow fashionable and looked great.

And last but not least, Jennifer Lopez in 2000. She rocked white flow he pants, a rhinestone belt, a white tank top, and a bandanna for a hair accessory. Even though it was simple, it was still unique because hello, it’s J.Lo. There’s one thing for sure, this year there will definitely be some looks to add to the list!