No celebrity is known for their epic Halloween costumes like Heidi Klum is. She takes Halloween pretty seriously, and it shows through her amazingly done costume looks. Ever since 2000, Klum has been known for throwing the hottest Halloween party every year, and every year her costumes seem to get even more elaborate and crazy.

Rumor has it, she’s already prepping this year’s costume… and it surely won’t disappoint. Here are some of Heidi’s best costumes throughout the years that you surely wouldn’t recognize her in.

Her costumes always involve crazy prosthetics and hours of preparation. In 2004, Heidi dressed as the go-go witch. That skeleton piggyback look was definitely one that brought attention, and the model herself wore a red witch disguise and had a mammoth wooden broom that kept her heeled patent boots balanced.

In 2003 at a Halloween bash, Heidi dressed as the golden girl wearing a gold space alien outfit with metallic armor details and thick braids which busted out of her huge gold helmet. In 2001, the model dressed as Lady Godiva, wearing a latex catsuit with a huge white wig, that flowed all the way down to her shoes. She showed up as the 11th century Anglo Saxon noblewoman on a horse!

In 2010, Heidi dressed as a Robo Klum, literally transforming herself into a transformer robot. She wore a purple and red superhero ensemble and somehow danced the night away in a pair of crane shoes.

Finally, in 2011… Heidi dressed as literal blood, sweat, and tears. Talk about eerie! She wheeled into her own party on an autopsy table with blood splattering doctors and an airbrushed body and wore red contact lenses to finish off the look of a skinless body.

So… what look will Heidi rock this year? One thing is for sure, it surely won’t disappoint.