We can all agree that sun burns are the worst. Summer is the worst time for sunburns. Even if you love the sun, it can be brutal this time of year. It’s always good to cover up and keep yourself protected from those rays. There are so many cute cover ups that you can wear over a swimsuit and still look trendy and chic.

It’s so fun and playful and because it is a top and bottom put into one piece, it’s so easy to take right off if you want to go for a swim. A lot of jumpsuits and rompers can be made from heavy material, so make sure you opt for something more light-weight and breezy in the summertime. Staying cool, as well as looking cool, is key!

Most of the times ponchos are one size, so you can even share among your friends! Ponchos are made to be non – constricted, versatile and Flowy, and it something you could totally wear out to lunch on a hot summer day after the beach. It could also look super cute if you pair a colorful fabric poncho with a cute pair of skinny jeans and sandals for a nighttime beach look as well!

Swim Leggings:
You have probably heard of wetsuit, but have you heard of the swim leggings? These leggings not only are SPF protected, but they are also made out of swimsuit material and are super breezy and lightweight. You can wear them while you swim and won’t even notice they are on! They also dry super quick and hide any imperfections if you don’t want to show your legs. You can simply pair it with any rash guard of your choice.

One-Piece Swimsuit:

It usually looks like a bodysuit so you can wear it if you go out and about as well. All you have to do is throw on a pair of flowy pants and it looks just like a regular outfit. It’s so chic and looks great with a hat! When you’re out in the sun, it’s better to be safe and fashionable, then sorry.