Does your hair break easily? Maybe it’s not as healthy as you want it to be or you simply want to keep it healthy. There are many bad styling habits that you probably do and don’t even realize it. If your hair shreds easily or you have excessive breakage, especially if you dye your hair, it may be time to change your hair routine.

This one may seem like an inconvenience to some but washing your hair with hot water is horrible for fragile hair. Steaming hot showers are amazing and relaxing for the body and face but avoid using hot water on your locks because using heat on your hair rids it of its natural oils and will make it more dry. Another tip is to avoid hair dryers at all costs. Letting your hair dry naturally is much better for your strands health because blasting heat onto your locks causes easy breakage and frizz.

It may have never crossed your mind but the way you brush your hair can also affect the condition of its health. Never brush your hair from the top down. Always start at your ends and work your way up to avoid knotting your hair and worsening the breakage you already have. Another thing that will help with breakage is the type of ponytail use. Opt for scrunchie’s and spiral hair ties to avoid tension.

You want to avoid using hair products that contain high amounts of alcohol because they can dry out your hair horribly making your hair left with a crispy texture which nobody wants! And never brush your hair after you get out of the shower. When your hair is wet that’s when it is the most fragile and if your hair is already in critical condition it could leave to shedding so opt for a wide comb. Finally, do not sleep with your hair in a ponytail. Tight hairstyles hug your hair leaving it damaged so sleep in a braided style or leave it down. Remember these tips so that you can transform your hair into a healthy flowing Maine. A happy head of hair is a happy girl!