Ashley Rose frequents the graveyard to find materials for her designs. Let’s just say, she is not spooked by the stigma around cemeteries.

Where did this ghoulish obsession come from? Rose went to do a photoshoot at a cemetery three years ago, and has been intrigued ever since. This Massachusetts native finds herself at the graveyard once a week, finding anything she can to inspire her next unique look. Her props have included cicadas, deer skulls, antelope skulls and lots and lots of bugs.

A couple of Rose’s favorite items are winged bugs and bark. The spooky stylist uses wings to captivate femininity in her designs. But, Rose cautions those who are looking to use bark (which is her favorite item)…make sure there are no living things left in the bark, because she has encountered her fair share of spiders!

Her designs have caught the eye of some celebs, namely those in the music industry. Nika of Zola Jesus requested a birch piece from Ashley, and rocked it of course. Her pieces start around $300 and can get as pricey as $3,000! So, we may need to leave the designs to the celebs!