Fall weather is upon us, which only could mean one thing… warm clothes and layers! Staying cozy and looking cute is key during the fall time, and the latest trend that’s taking over the fashion world screams relaxed and chic! The trend might not want to make you leave your house because it’s that comfortable! It’s an over-sized sweater with white boots trend which is seriously all the rage.

An over-sized sweater paired with boots already sounds cute as it is, but it’s all about wearing the sweater as a dress! In the fall and winter time you probably don’t think of wearing a dress, but if it’s made of a sweater it will keep you warm! The over-sized sweater dress look is also perfect because during the holiday time if you tend to eat a bit more sweets, no one will be able to tell in this outfit!

There are so many different ways to wear an over-sized sweater, and you’ve probably seen celebrities everywhere wearing thigh-high boots with long sweatshirts as well if you want to go more casual. Over-sized sweater dresses are a chic piece that you cannot only wear to work but on the streets! If it’s colder where you live, you can opt for leggings or tights underneath with some higher socks! You can also easily dress up your look by adding a belt or a chic belt bag!

Whatever way you choose to accessorize the chicest look of the season, you can be sure you’ll be comfy.