Have you ever wondered how earrings have evolved through the years? From the 1920s until now, here’s how earrings have changed.

In the 1920s, earrings were thin, delicate, and long. Everything was art-deco inspired by geometric patterns and platinum and diamond earrings were everything.

In the 1930s, gemstones that were bright in color like a ruby, we’re very trendy. Things like moons and stars were a popular earring design when Chanel came out with their shooting star inspired jewelry! Bakelite jewelry, which was made of plastic and brittle, makes jewelry more accessible because it was so inexpensive.

And then there are the 1940s, where earring and brooch sets that matched were popular. Popular jewelry themes include animals, flowers, and bows.

The 1950s were all about matching earring and choker sets. Big circular pom-pom like earrings was also a big craze during the poodle skirt age.

During the 1960s enamel painted metal jewelry was huge. The floral trend was no exception when it came to earrings, any flower earring possible you could get your hands on because of the hippie movement. Milk glass jewelry was also a big trend and towards the end of the 60s, the hoop earring trend started to rise.

During the 70s celebrities and actress like Natalie Wood and Cher, all wore turquoise jewelry. Classic color jewelry with intricate surfaces was also everywhere!

In the 1980s, it was all about flashy, vibrant and fun earrings. All earrings have metallic finishes, and the bigger the better! Chunky button earrings that covered the lower half of your earlobe were also very popular during the time.

In the 90s, hoops were huge… literally! The bigger the hoop the better, and especially gold bamboo style hoops and door knockers we’re big trends!

Then there’s the good old 2000s, where nothing was subtle. Long, sparkly, and chandelier type earrings were all the rage during the early 2000s. Spiky silicone style earrings also had their time in the spotlight.

Around 2010, ear climbers became a big trend. Mismatch sets that traveled up your ear were everything, and every celebrity was seen rocking them.

The modern style aesthetic is all about large hanging earrings, hoops, pearls, diamonds, and cross style earrings and studs. Tassel earrings have also become a huge trend.