Christian Siriano, a well known fashion designer, is opening his new boutique called The Curated in NYC! If you like chic fashion, you will love The Curated! Christian named his new boutique The Curated because It’s a space of curated things that he loves, and what he thinks his customers will love! The store will include a variety of offered products including jewelry, handbags, fragrances and clothing.

Christian’s main goal for his boutique is for people to get lost and never want to leave! He wants to make it affordable for everyone that is a fan of his work, including a dress for as low as $100! He even offers bridal appointments for a custom-designed wedding dress. Not only is he selling his own collection, but also brands that he loves. One room of the store is dedicated to jewelry, with another room offering shelves upon shelves of handbags.

The curation of not only his clothes but his favorite designers, makes for a chic collection. One of his favorite brand called Universal Standards, is also featured in his store. It starts at a size 10 and goes all the way up, so it really celebrates curves and shapes!

Siriano’s store is surrounded with ever changing artwork for evolving style inspiration. One of his best selling item is his funny, playful, printed T-shirts! Whether you’re looking for work clothes or lounging clothes, the line has it all.

Everything is fabulous, and at amazing price points! He includes vintage pieces into his store, talk about unique!

If you want to play dress up, this is a boutique you’ll definitely want to check out!