If you love all things braids, there is a new type of braid called the double loop box braids… that takes your regular box braids to a whole new level. They seriously add an extra element to any hairdo, They show confidence, and uniqueness! It’s also super easy to do, it’s simply adding a double looped detail to normal box braids.

These braids can be done on all hair types and textures. There also insanely cool and have a gravity defying element. Here’s how to achieve them.

First, make sure you section off one side of your hair creating a deep side part that shapes the center of your head. Then, use your go to hair gel just move down any fly-aways. Keep one section on one side of your hair, start breeding down word but adding extensions for extra length if necessary.

Once you reach the bottom of your hair is braided, go back to the crown of your head instead of your hairline and repeat the process on the other half of your hair. When you’re done, you’ll have a set of pigtails that are braided but, there’s a cool factor to these box braids because each end creates gorgeous loops. If you try out these braids, all eyes will be on you!