It’s Britney! Britney Spears, as well as her fashion, have seriously evolved throughout the years. Spears and her style have definitely been through a lot the past twenty years, so here’s a look back on her transformation from being a teen dream to a pop-star queen!

If you were born in the 90s, you probably remember Britney Spears hit song “Baby One More Time” which was released in 1998. In Britney‘s music video she sported pigtails and a schoolgirl outfit! She kept her innocent image by wearing a ton of baby pink clothing items too!

By the 2000s, Britney started to elevate her style! Britney transformed her style, leaving behind her innocent school-girl persona and started styling in street-wear for a more urban style. This transformation brought an edgy attitude and transformed her into a true pop-star.

During the 2000s the low-rise jeans trend spread crazy because of Britney, and her music videos featured more revealing clothes as well that no one expected to see from her. In 2001, Britney and her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake wore matching denim outfits out and about, just to show they were on the same page! No one could ever forget the 2001 VMAs when Spears accessorized with a real snake!

By 2002, Spears embraced more of a glamorous movie star look. She loved sporting statement T-shirts as well and it was her go-to look when she was pregnant in 2005! Little did they know, her wild phase wasn’t over!

During the 2007 MTV VMA awards, Britney wore a daring two-piece outfit, which people seriously questioned. In 2010 Britney surprised everyone with her transformation from blonde pop-star to a mature brunette when she dyed her hair.

When Britney celebrated her dirty thirty birthday by committing to a more elegant look, especially while on the red carpet. On her 2018 world tour, Britney went back to her thigh high boots and lingerie outfits. These days, you never know what to expect from the pop-star!