Get Ready For Summer With These Hot Hair Trends

Accessories come in many forms. Whether you’re wearing a hat, pairing your little black dress with a gorgeous set of stilettos, or carrying the perfect leather handbag, women have quite a few options when it comes to spicing up their outfits.

And while all of these items can come and go in popularity, there is one accessory that will always class up an outfit and perfectly complete a look. That accessory is a set of perfectly manicured fingernails.

We love that painting your nails as an accessory is something anyone can achieve at home with a couple of dollars and a bit of time, but you also have options to spoil yourself a bit, like purchasing a professional manicure service, complete with polish, gel, acrylic, or the newly popular dip powder. And while the accessory may be a classic, colors come in trends, and there is almost always something for everyone.

Some of summer 2019’s upcoming favorite colors include the following: soft lavender, coral, sunny yellow, hibiscus red, sandy pink, lime green, terracotta bronze, poppy orange, peachy apricot, hot pink, pearly white, and brilliant blue.

For a better look at this summer’s favorite nail polish colors, check out the video above.