(Photo: Tiffany & Co.)

Tiffany & Co. introduces Diamond Craft Journey

More companies are creating more transparent business practices to provide customers with more information on the products they’re buying. Tiffany & Co. is joining this shift with a new program to provide customers with the Diamond Craft Journey initiative to show the unique journey of each jewel.

Starting in October, Tiffany customers purchasing individually registered diamonds above .18 carats. Tiffany hopes that this option will attract customers by being transparent and abiding by ethical practices.

Tiffany’s chief sustainability officer Anisa Kamadoli Costa disclosed in a press release, “Today we advance our commitment to diamond traceability one step further. Our customers deserve to know that a Tiffany diamond was sourced with the highest standards, not only in quality but also in social and environmental responsibility. We believe that diamond traceability is the best means to ensure both.”

Tiffany has intimate knowledge of its supply chain owning its own diamond workshops in Cambodia, Belgium, Vietnam, Mauritius, and Botswana. Tiffany & Co. also operates five jewelry manufacturing workshops in North America along with the Tiffany Gemological Laboratory in New York.