Got smaller eyes? You’re not alone. Big, brighter eyes are a trend that will never go away so learning a few tips will definitely come in hand. You most likely don’t need to go out and buy new products as it’s all about placement.

Stop wishing you had bigger eyes and make it happen with these eye brightening tips.


De-puff your under-eye area. First things first, you have to make sure your eyes aren’t puffy because under eye inflammation acts kind of like a roadblock. Stick some eye masks in the fridge for at least 15 minutes or place two cold green tea bags on the area. Both will help de-puff and provide nourishment.

Conceal. Under eye darkness make your eyes look smaller which is something you want to avoid altogether. Use a concealer that has slightly pink undertones to correct any blue or purple discoloration. For even brighter under eyes, use a concealer that has a bit of light reflecting particles.They’ll catch the light and make your under eyes look bright all day long.


Nude or white eyeliner. This is the best trick to use when you want instantly bigger eyes. The nude or white eyeliner makes your eye whites look lower therefore making your eyes look bigger. Nude looks more natural for a day look but if you want drama for some night time fun, white is the way to go.
Eye lashes. Bigger eye lashes mean bigger eyes so never skip out on curling and applying mascara. Use you’re most lengthening and volumizing formula for big doe eyes.

Eye liner. It’s often believe that you need to wear a cat-eye eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger. This is actually true but only to an extent (no pun intended). The thicker you make the liner, the smaller the eye will look. Instead, opt for tight lining along the lashes and add a small flick at the end to elongate the eyes. Tight lining makes the lashes look thicker and gives more of a fresh face feel which goes hand in hand with bigger, brighter eyes.
Eyebrows. If you haven’t tweezed your brow in a while, now might be a good time. Having a tidy brow helps frame the eye area so tweeze, brush the hairs up and out, and do a little filling in to help your eyes look bigger.

Highlight. Bring some light into your eyes even if you can’t be outside to take that perfect #selfie. Apply a shimmer champagne or nude colored eye shadow to the inner corners of the eyes, center of the lid, and on the brow bone to make the eyes look more awake and lifted.

Photo Credit: Al Powers/Powers Imagery/invision/AP