At one point or another we’ve all made the mistake of buying heels the day of an important event and suffering all day or night long. They’re “too new” so they feel a little too tight or give you a couple of blisters that’ll have you watching the fun from far away because you can’t walk. So much pain that could’ve been avoided with a little planning ahead.

If you bought a pair of shoes recently that need some breaking in before a big event, try some of these tips to make them a bit more comfortable.

Buy a half size bigger. When it comes to heels, it’s better to have a little bit of wiggle room instead cramming your feet into a shoe that you won’t be able to walk in later. Heal grips can help fill in a little bit space so you’re not sliding in them. Plus, your feet will be extremely happy.

Wear them around your house. Practice walking in your shoes at home so you get a feel for the material and get used to the heel. It’s the easiest way for your feet and the shoe to get familiar with each other so that later on the shoes don’t feel as new.

Stretch them out. Soak some newspaper in water and fill your shoes with them. Leave them filled for a couple of days until they’ve been stretched out a bit and feel more comfortable.

Wear them for short periods of time. To see if the shoes will give you blisters, wear them for about 20~30 minutes sessions and see how your feet feel.

For additional tips, check out the videos!