Parisian style is one thing every fashionista wants to master at some point and with good reason. When we think of a Parisienne, we think effortless, chic, and relaxed style. There’s something about French women and their style that is so elegant and always has the right amount of thought put into it and we all want in. If you, too, want to master the Parisian style, keep in mind these simple tips when putting a look together.


Don’t try too many trends at once. Choose one trend that you’re really loving at the moment and make it the highlight of your look. Nothing looks tackier than a girl who’s trying out too many trends and has no concentration. Pick one trend and style accordingly to make it stand out.

Quality over quantity. Choose pieces to incorporate in your wardrobe that are timeless and classics. They may be a bit expensive (not always) but it’s better to have one good blazer or leather jacket than always having to invest in one every year.

Don’t show off too much skin. French women have class and showing too much skin is anything but. Think more along the lines of showing off your décolletage instead of your whole chest and showing the right amount of leg instead of worrying about people seeing too far up your skirt.

Take something off. Coco Chanel said herself that before you leave home, take one item off. It could be a piece of jewelry or maybe an article of clothing if you went overboard on layering. Do this so it looks like you put no though into your look.

Don’t wear too much makeup during the day. Effortless really does mean effortless and that goes for your face too. Don’t skip on skincare but you can do without heavy eyeliner and lips that are too strong during the day. Apply a light base like a BB cream, curl your lashes, and dab a bit of lip tint on your lips and cheeks to bring out your best features while looking natural.

It’s all about your attitude. Don’t put too much thought into your look and relax. Wear your look with confidence and that’ll make a difference instantly.