One of the biggest struggles in today’s world is that women aren’t always taught to accept themselves, which is not okay at all. They are never taught to love themselves just the way they are. They are never told that they are strong, beautiful, and can conquer the world.


It’s all about confidence and being proud of who you are and where you came from. You should NEVER be ashamed of that. Everyone is different and being able to express yourself is a beautiful thing. Women should never feel like they can’t be themselves as truly affects many other decisions in their life. Take Anne-Marie for example, she is part of the STEM program and she is working for girls to feel confident enough to taking on jobs that are supposed to be a “mans” job. We live in a world today where there shouldn’t be any such thing as a “man’s job.” Women can do anything they set their minds to no matter if they choose to be a math teacher, scientist, engineer or whatever it may be.

Equality is so important and it’s important that it’s taught and encouraged in ALL of our children. Women are capable of doing anything a man can do…remember you are a product of your own limitations. Watch as these women tell their stories about fighting for equality.