Tom Ford is absolutely amazing to say the least. His designs are flawless and as a director, his talent is amongst the best. Recently, Tom Ford took home the second biggest prize at the Venice Film Festival awards ceremony for his film Nocturnal Animals, which is kind of a big deal! He also recently showed off his new collection at New York Fashion Week which was a hit. Ford finds that both the film and fashion industries have their own challenges and rewards…yes, that’s him being EXTRA nice about how hard both industries really are to succeed in.
He told the Hollywood Reporter, “I think ever industry to a certain level is incredibly hard, incredibly competitive, and very difficult to realize your dreams.” However, Tom Ford has a passion for fashion and there is no denying that. He is extremely talented and has made his fashion lines stand out especially recently at NYFW!

Tom Ford has made it this far and his incredible talent is keeping him on the fast track to success. For more details on Tom Ford and his success be sure to check out the video above!