(Photo: Valentino)

Valentino brings a piece of heaven to earth

Valentino brings a touch of heaven to earth, transforming models into suspending angels with some of the longest dresses ever devised. Valentino designer, Pierpaolo Piccioli, shot the Fall 2020 collection in the famed Cinecittà Studios for a stunning photoshoot accompanied by a mini film “Of Grace and Light.”

The mini-film starts with a small tour through the home of Valentino in Rome, Italy capturing the empty streets and major landmarks near Cinecittà Studios. This mini-film is an homage to Italy’s papable film industry inspired by the glossy styles of famed directors Luchino Visconti and Federico Fellini.

The famed fashion designer Piccioli worked in collaboration with photographer Nick Knight to create the angelic illusion for the Fall 2020 collection. The set is completely black, giving a total absence of space behind the models to give the full floating effect of the white designs.

The angelic effect was achieved through some unique set features including models standing on tall columns or suspended from the ceiling. All the designs were elaborate in their own way including toppers with exaggerated trains and flowing skirts inspired by natural elements.

Designs feature elements inspired by nature including bouquets of flowers, flames, and projected textures. Valentino Garavani was highly praised for using a similar color palette for his 1968 couture line that inspired Piccioli’s Fall 2020 collection.

Piccioli was also inspired by styles seen on the silver screen including the costumes in “The Great Ziegfeld” by Robert Z. Leonard. The photos are optical illusions but the mini-film is a must-watch to truly experience this larger-than-life, angelic couture collection.