(Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur, Getty)

A Wig Can Help Up Your Look Instantly

Who doesn’t love to dress up and have fun? There is something about dressing up that is freeing and honestly, just plain fun. But dressing up doesn’t have to be some elaborate costume; one can simply put on a wig to feel that freeing feeling.

Wigstock is one such event where people can dress up and be fun. The annual drag festival began during the punk rock scene in the East Village, New York City in the early 80’s. While the festival is traditionally a celebration for the gay community, everyone is invited to dress up and have fun.

Lady Bunny is the founder of Wigstock and an avid supporter for drag queens everywhere. What started out as a small sideshow across the street from the Pyramid Club, has turned into a mega event bringing people from all over the nation to dress up and celebrate.

In a recent interview, Lady Bunny stated, “I mean, there’s just something crazy. You don’t need the whole outfit. You don’t need a costume. But just putting a wig on– as silly as that sounds– can actually change the way that you act.”