Everyone loves using their full potential when it comes to beauty. Want your lashes to look as best as they possibly can? Just because you weren’t born with long voluminous lashes doesn’t mean you can’t achieve great lashes… it’s easy with a few tips and tricks! If you don’t want to pay for expensive mascaras and eyelash extensions, here are some life-changing tricks!

If you have had a mascara for a few months, chances are it’s probably started to harden. You can easily loosen it up by putting your mascara tube into a bowl of hot water for a few minutes so that the liquid in your mascara falls to the bottom of the tube so next time you dip your wand into the tube, you can say bye-bye to wasted product!

Another easy way to make it easier to control how your mascara goes on to your lashes is by bending your mascara wand! You can get into all those edges you might not be able to reach with a straight wand.

If you don’t want mascara on your eyelid, try using a business card. Simply place the card on your eyelid when using your mascara to protect and shield you are a lid. If you want to make it a little easier, try cutting your card into the shape of your eyelid for an easier application. No one likes clumps!

It may seem silly… but by using a toothbrush you can easily un-clump mascara. A toothbrush works as a great beauty tool and keeping a few extra around could help imperfections.

By using these simple tips and tricks you can easily improve your lash game!