High fashion fads come and go, but Kate Moss is forever. When the 45-year-old supermodel was asked for her anti-aging secrets she listed her “really simple” (and really expensive) skincare routine which included Decorté’s AQ Meliority Intensive Cream – a high tech moisturizer with a $1000 price tag.

Given that she is the face of the brand, Moss’ endorsement is no surprise, but you do have to wonder what makes the moisturizer the same price as a designer handbag just that special.

The secret to Moss’ ageless glow is all in the ingredients label. On Decorté’ s site they’ve listed the 15 main active ingredients that target all the major signs of maturation.

That’s pretty innovative for a moisturizer considering that most of the shelves of your drugstore only contain one or two main active ingredients. The formula is also rich in double peptides, a skin strengthening protein that repairs broken down and aging skin that could cause wrinkles.

Coconut oil, honeysuckle extract, and lilly extract are also standouts on the genius 67 ingredient formula.

Moss isn’t the only fan of the AQ Meliority Intensive Cream. Reviewers on the site have given this miracle cream nothing short of five stars describing the product has “totally magical.”