(Photo Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Swarms Of Fans Want Selfies During Her Shopping Trips

This may come as a shock, but Anna Wintour can no longer go shopping. Well maybe it’s not that she can’t but rather people have ruined the experience for her. But it may not be in the way you think?

Selfies. Selfies are everywhere and everyone is doing it. People snapping a picture of themselves doing everything from eating at a restaurant, to bungee jumping, to simply thinking that they look good that day… “Felt cute, might delete later.” For celebrities, the selfie poses a new challenge for their day to day life. No longer do they have to dodge and deal with just the paparazzi. Now amateurs everywhere are thrusting themselves and their cameras at celebs just to get that special pic.

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief for Vogue magazine, has been a fashion icon since 1988 when she first became an editor. She is synonymous with what’s new and in the fashion world and is responsible for making or breaking the careers of many would-be designers and models.

So hearing that she can no longer shop is like saying Taylor Swift can no longer sing; you get the picture. But she revealed on her youtube channel that people have become “obsessed” with taking selfies with her while she’s out shopping and that for her, it destroys the moment.