For once, we are here to talk about Melania Trump…the rather stylish FLOTUS herself. Her style evolution has been worthwhile to watch, much more enjoyable than her hubby’s journey thus far. One thing you cannot deny about this beautiful woman is her style is always on point. From her perfect makeup to her elegant and classy fashion sense, this First Lady is definitely fashion goals. She may look uncomfortable at times, but her clothing looks stunning. Let’s take a walk through her fashion evolution over the years, shall we?

During the 90s, her fashion choice was a little bit more flashy. She definitely went for more of a bejeweled and glitzy look.

During the early 2000s, the fashion icon definitely showed more skin with her dress choices. Whether it was her killer legs, or her bust, she was the seductress and often times paired a fur coat with her dresses.

It wasn’t until around 2006 that we started to see a little bit more of that First Lady class. It was a demure lace shift dress that began the shift in her fashion sense.

In 2009, she went with her signature strapless neckline dress for the Met Ball. Again, the black dress had much more elegance than fluff and glitz.

When the Presidential race heated up in 2016, her style became even more conservative chic. Going for simple, pencil dresses and much more conservative gowns, the First Lady began to fit the fashion bill.