Kendall Jenner is one of fashion’s most sought after model at the moment. She’s stylish, beautiful, and can really own any runway she walks on. She’s also one of the most looked to for beauty looks. Her face is always flawless and can make a red lip look effortlessly chic no matter what the event of time of day.

If you want to rock a red lip like Kendall Jenner, give this tutorial a try.


Prime and apply foundation. The Kardashians and Jenner sisters alike are not shy about admitting their love for heavy coverage. Use a good primer after you’ve moisturized your face, wait a few minutes for the primer to set and proceed with a medium to full coverage foundation all over the face and down to the neck.

Lips. We recommend applying the lip color right after the foundation so you can control how much of the products (blush, bronzer, eye shadow) you’ll need afterwards. Kendall tends to go for blue undertone red lipsticks so line the lips with either clear or red liner. MAC’s “Russian Red” is a perfect example of the shade Kendall wore to the American Music Awards. Apply the lipstick, blot, and apply once again to make sure it stays put all day.

Eyes. Apply a wash of light brown eye shadow for a bit of color. Kendall has naturally elongated eyes which allows her to not use eyeliner and go straight for mascara. If this isn’t the case for your eyes, apply a very thin line, focusing on slightly making the eyes longer on the outer corner. Curl your lashes and apply a lengthening mascara.

Blush and contour. For this look, you won’t need to use a heavy hand on either blush or contour. Contour only enough under your cheekbones to identify where the hallows are and the slightest amount of blush to avoid looking washed out. Finish with a bit of highlighter on the cheekbones and inner corners of the eyes.
(Cover image: POPSugar)