Today we’re very excited to announce our winner for the June ChicTrends Contest! There were so many entries and so many great looks from many talented fashion bloggers that it made our decision to pick the winner very difficult. Each and every one of the looks was closely looked at to make sure they met our contest rules which included the following: at least 2 trends from our site, a good description of the look, and the creativity and aesthetics of the pictures. Additionally, the fashion blogger had to add links to the trends they used from our site.

The winner of our June ChicTrends Contest is:

Kacie from Kacie’s Kloset! 

Kacie’s look won our contest for a few different reasons. For starters, she incorporated many different trends and not just the two that were mandatory. She wore the little white dress with a denim vest over it which we love because it gives the looks a different feel than if the dress was worn on its own. Her hair and makeup were very chic but very wearable for an everyday look as she had her hair up in a bun and a simple pink pout which illuminated her face. For shoes, she used the very trendy ankle strap heel that complimented the look well because it had a nice pop of color that really completed the look. Kacie was picked in the end because she really captured in her look the essence of what ChicTrends is: making the most popular and high fashion trends wearable for the average girl.

Here’s a bit of Kacie’s background for you to get know her. Kacie is a 23 year old personal style blogger from Northern California. She’s been blogging since April 16th of last year and her style has evolved greatly in the past year. Kacie’s style is very feminine but she’s not afraid to incorporate different styles into her own. Trends are on the top of her list when making a look for a post on her blog as she easily has many of the trends on our site incorporated in her very day looks. From bib necklaces, to ankle strap heels, and printed trousers, Kacie’s blog is one that every fashionista will enjoy and will be inspired by. We encourage all of our readers to visit her blog and take a look around; it is very user friendly and you’ll find yourself reading post of after post until you reach the very first of her posts. If you like her style, Kacie is also the owner of “Daisy Rae” boutique which is an online boutique with affordable fashion. You can find the link on her site. So congratulations to Kacie for her amazing look and great style!


The second and third places belong to:

2nd Place: Sandy from her blog “Sandy a la Mode”. Sandy will receive a $75.00 American Express Gift Card

3rd Place: Connie Tang from her self-titled blog “Connie Tang” Connie will receive a $25.00 American Express Gift Card

The ChicTrends Team wants to thank all of the fashion bloggers who participated in our contest. All of you did an amazing job and we look forward to keeping up with all of your blogs and websites. ChicTrends will have more contests and giveaways in the future so please don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win this contest; there will be plenty more opportunities. Best to all of you and all of your future endeavors.