Snooki answers crazy questions

“Jersey Shore” star Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi sits down with Men’s Health for some questions and questionable snacks, revealing more about her personal life that we don’t get to see on camera.

Of the following reality shows, “The Bachelor,” “Shark Tank,” “Naked and Afraid,” or “Are You The One?” Snooki reveals she would love to do all the shows listed except for “Naked and Afraid.” Snooki says that she wouldn’t because she had three kids and feels her body doesn’t “look great naked” and she also has a big fear of spiders, wilderness, and the dark.

On ranking celebrity tattoos from best to worst and lists off some of the worst tattoo ideas in history including Aaron Carter’s Medusa face tat, Moby’s ‘VEGAN FOR LIFE’ neck tattoo, Drake’s bottle of Drakkar Noir back tat, Pete Davidson’s unicorn arm tattoo, the list goes on. Snooki says Aaron tops the list for worst.

Fun fact: Snooki actually appeared on WWE for a wrestling match. Snooki was asked which of her WWE co-stars she thinks she could beat in a wrestling match and she can’t think of anyone from WWE so she chooses her “Jersey Shore” co-star Angelina. Snooki says that she already wrestled Angelina while filming “Jersey Shore” so she feels confident that she can take her down.

They saved the best question for last and you’ll have to find out watching the video above.