The designer turned social media guru

The global pandemic has created a shift in the fashion industry, changing the idea of hosting in-person events including runway shows and fashion week. More designers are considering alternative runway showcases on social media platforms and Rebecca Minkoff has a unique alternative.

The American designer, Rebecca Minkoff, is known for the social media guru of designers featuring content on nearly every social media platform imaginable. Fashionistas can access Rebecca Minkoff’s content on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and iTunes with her podcast ‘Superwoman With Rebecca Minkoff.’

Most recently Rebecca Minkoff expanded her content to other channels including Klarna, Clubhouse, and is working on getting an OnlyFans account. Minkoff is experimenting with hosting digital and in-person events with the last Fashion Week as a test that proved to be successful with better performance compared to similar sales from last year.

Minkoff wants to prove that other events are successful and is testing digital showcases rather than in-person events but she’s working on creating a safe in-person experience. Minkoff requires all participants for live events to test negative for COVID-19, mandatory temperature checks, COVID-19 screening forms, limited capacity for participants, and hosting in a large event space.

The live event will also provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue with everyone in attendance wearing masks. Minkoff addresses concerns that a majority of designers are facing in this global pandemic and everyone is being cautious about hosting live events.

Minkoff discloses she hasn’t received any pushback from people in the fashion industry in hosting live events as everyone hosting live events is being cautious to protect all participants. Despite a global pandemic, it seems that live events won’t be going away permanently anytime soon with precautionary hosting practices and using social media for digital event alternatives.