It’s really hard not to love Sarah Paulson. Whether it’s due to her intense roles on “American Horror Story,” or perhaps her always edgy and sleek style, she is the epitome of career goals. Thanks to Clorox, we get to watch a sit down interview with her regarding her new film, “The Post,” starring herself, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. Talk about a dream team!

Paulson, while discussing the 70’s-based drama, reminds women everywhere that they should not fear their voice but rather find strength in it. “The Post” is about a well known exposé that spans three decades and includes a massive government cover-up involving four U.S. presidents. A lot of peoples’ careers are on the line in this film, and Paulson uses the dynamic during that era to remind us that times have changed for women in the work place, and we should all utilize that fact.

If all this movie and career talk gets you feeling a little hungry, don’t worry. You can also find a recipe for a multi-layered cake as well as zucchini-squash fries in this video line-up. Yum!