What if you could say you discovered the origins of the universe? Well, Stephen Hawking could say that. Theoretical scientist, rule breaker and trail blazer, Stephen Hawking, recently passed away at the age of 74. Much like the biggest fashion moguls, he was known for pushing boundaries within the science field and throughout his career, he combined many fields of science and became a world-renowned scientist for his many theories. If your passion lies in fashion, your curiosity and desire to seek more information is what will set you apart from others.

Hawking research led to many discoveries about our universe, the Big Bang theory and how black holes work. His lifelong dedication to discovery is what made him the infamous scientist that will live on forever. His theories, along with his contagious smile, will live on long after his passing. Hawking’s yearning curiosity and desire to know more are two key traits that drove him to become a pioneer in his field. It goes to show, that no matter what your profession may be, whether it’s in the fashion world or in the field of science, an innate curiosity will always propel you to become a leader.