Of course, with it being Valentine’s Day, we need to talk about chocolate! And what better chocolate to talk about than Sugarfina’s signature dark chocolate bar with baby champagne gummy bears…in it! That’s right; chocolate and champagne gummy bears. Sugarfina is a gourmet candy shop focused on bringing the best and tastiest artisan candies to adults, because it’s not just kids that should be having all the candy-filled fun.

The owners, Josh and Rosie, had a simple idea one day after going on a date to see the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”: why are kids the only ones who get all the best candy? And then, Sugarfina was born. Now, the shop is all over the United States and even branching into Canada. They sell artisan-sourced candies from all around the world. Some of the candies include maple bourbon caramels and martini olive almonds, just to name a couple.

The fancy chocolate this video features is Sugarfina XOXO chocolate, which is that delectable dark chocolate candy bar with gummy bears in it. Sugarfina uses a world-renowned chocolatier out of Las Vegas, Nevada, to source this hand-made chocolate bar. The whole process starts with over 30 thousand chocolate beans that are roasted, grinned, melted and then poured into molds. After the melted chocolate is sitting in the molds, then the champaign gummy bears are hand placed into the chocolate. Talk about a fancy chocolate bar!