Are you always on the go? It can be hectic, but also quite a fun way to live. The only thing that sometimes gets a little precarious is eating…having enough time to cook every single day is basically thrown out the window. That’s okay, because we have some awesome tips for quick mug meals that will be sure to take as little time out of your busy schedule as possible! That means more time for work, shopping, dates and whatever else you have on that agenda.

All you need is a microwave, a mug, and a handful of ingredients. These are the most amazing culinary creations made simple, and made at home. We have three drool-worthy recipes that will fill your tummy.

The avocado egg omelet is so fluffy and delicious it will give you a new appreciation for the powers of the microwave.

The fully loaded breakfast potatoes are a little bit heavier than an omelet, but can be for those mornings you know you may not eat again for a while.

For the sweet tooth havers out there, the French toast in a mug recipe is the perfect excuse to have something delectable for breakfast.