If you’re anything like us, most of the time you spend on YouTube is dedicated to watching beauty videos and you can spend hours at a time doing so, too. Whether it’s a product review, makeup tutorial, or learning about beauty routines, it’s all so amazing. Beauty gurus give out the best beauty advice and for that, we give thanks and watch the full commercial on their videos.

Here are some tips that YouTube beauty gurus use on themselves and recommend to everyone else:

Ingrid Nilsen: Use eye primer on your under eye area. Concealer tends to fade (just like the rest of your makeup) and primer is a good way to keep it in place.

Carli Bybel: To dry wet mascaras faster, have a fan on near by. There are tons of great mascaras out there but sometimes you don’t have time to spare in between coats for it to dry. The fan will help dry coats so that you can quickly apply additional coats as needed.

Marlena Stell: Nude eyeliner for sleepless nights. When you haven’t had enough sleep or are just super tired, your eyes tend to look red. Applying a nude liner on your waterline will get rid of the redness and will make you look more awake.

Lauren Curtis: Stay away from densely packed lashes if you want your eyes to look bigger. The reason you want to use a bit more natural looking lashes is because the dense lashes can take up a big chunk of the area and can even make your eye close up. Wispy lashes have more space in between so you can see more of your natural eye shape and won’t weigh your lashes down.

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(Cover image: beautyhigh.com)