Many of these rules are still in place today.
1. Colorful nail polish is not allowed. They either were subtle pinks or clear polish when on official business.
2. Not just anyone can wear a tiara. Tiaras are worn only to the fanciest of royal events. Typically they are worn for the first time by brides and is a privilege reserved for married women only.
3. The Queen uses her handbags to send secret messages. You may notice that the Queen is never without a handbag and that is because she uses it to send signals. When she wants to leave dinner, she simply sets her bag on top of the table.
4. Clutches had another purpose – such as hiding cleavage. Princess Diana‘s handbag designer famously called her clutches “cleavage bags“.
5. The Queen wears bright clothing – but not because she loves color. You would be hard-pressed to find a photo of Queen Elizabeth not wearing bold colors. This is so she stands out to people. 6. The Queen wears hats due to a very old tradition that women should keep their hair covered.
7. Royals are expected to travel with a black ensemble on hand. This is in case a member of the family unexpectedly dies and so they can be dressed appropriately for the somber occasion.
8. Do not wear wedge shoes because the Queen really does not like them.
9. Weighted hems are a comment trick to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. This would prevent them from blowing up in the wind.
10. Pantyhose is “highly” suggested, although not required.