Credit: Unsplash

The Hollywood Hill in Paris

Chanel is known for its creative runway presentation and the successor of Karl Lagerfeld, Virginie Viard, set the stage for a golden age themed runway show. The centerpiece of this runway show was a massive mock Hollywood sign reading CHANEL and the collection was a tribute to the muses of the Fashion House.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel is known for her background in costume design for Hollywood film behemoth including MGM Studios and would draw inspiration for her designs. The late creative director Karl Lagerfeld would also go on the dress and influence style of the stars and Viard wanted to follow this tradition.

The venue for the runway show might have taken place in Paris at the Grand Palais but Chanel took the runway show to the Hollywood Hills. Viard explained that she was inspired by the modern life of actresses including styles found in paparazzi photos.

This show represented Viard’s connection to Hollywood and her latest collection is a reflection of styles worn by celebrities from casual to couture. The collection features the classic Parisian aesthetic influencing modern designs found in Hollywood for the best of both worlds.