This is not a drill, Telfar bag security program is live

The ever-coveted and instant sell-out handbags by Telfar is taking orders under the Bag Security Program II. Telfar decided to take to the sky to announce the bag launch with a skywriter creating the Telfar brand logo in the sky.

Telfar fans around the world have spotted the brand logo in the sky and rejoice at the chance to snag the popular handbag. The Telfar Bag Security Program II launched this morning offering fashionistas the chance to secure a custom order from Telfar for small, medium, and large handbags with choices of 20 colors.

The Bag Security Program II gives shoppers the chance to create a custom order in the desired size and color with the option of making 4 separate payments through Klarna. As each handbag is a custom order, Telfar announced the handbags will start shipping between July 15 to September 15 with the guarantee they will solve shipping delays to the best of their abilities.

Customers have to agree to specific terms before confirming the pre-order including no cancellations and refunds for all orders under the bag security program. Telfar is a small team and requests customers to have patience while waiting for orders.

If you want to snag a Telfar bag, check out the Bag Security Program II on the Telfar website before the sale ends.