The way you shape your nails can say a lot about you

Ladies who love to have larger-than-life nails aren’t just doing it to appease beauty standards but rather make a statement about themselves. There are so many sizes and shapes you can achieve through your manicure, all making their own unique statement.


One of the timeless classic shapes that can be seen in any polish parlor but are for a woman who means serious business, literally. They’re a classic casual business staple and are great when short for women who type a lot and attend meetings.


These nails are long and pointy for a dramatic style and a woman who is mindful of how to use her hands. There aren’t for the faint of heart but can be considered the dramatic statement piece of nail shapes.


Round nails for a woman that prefers not to wear makeup and prefers natural beauty products. This nail style is best achieved with short nails for ladies who aren’t fans of having long nails.

Credit: Unsplash


A more subtle version of the stiletto with a more rounded tip that reminds you of your local Mary Kay agent or girl from the perfume counter at the department store. These nails are for a refined woman with a bit of wit and edge to her personality that can be achieved with long or short nails.


These nails provide a more modern look that is a cross between the stiletto and square shape that can be achieved with medium or long length nails. This is a versatile look for everyone, especially fans of Halloween and darker looks.