These celebs love a good DIY beauty treatment

Celebrities seem to have some of the most extensive and expensive beauty routines, but some are just like us and love some simple DIY beauty treatments. Here are a couple of celeb-recommended DIY beauty treatments.

Supermodel Kate Moss revealed that one of her best-kept beauty secrets for refreshing tired-looking skin and eyes by filling a bowl or sink with ice cubes, cucumbers, and cold water, then submerge your face as long as possible. Silver screen star Joan Crawford also lived by this DIY beauty treatment to tighten pores and prevent puffiness. French model Vanessa Paradis also loves using ice cubes in her beauty treatment.

Reality star and model, Kendall Jenner, creates her own hair mask using an avocado, banana, and two tablespoons of coconut oil. After mixing the ingredients she applies it to her hair focusing on the tips but not in the roots, leaving it in for 30 mins and rinsing well when finished.

UK model Georgia May Jagger also loves to do a DIY hair masque as well using olive oil and avocado, she says that it’s a great way to quickly refresh her hair.

Another model that loves her DIY beauty treatments is Imaan Hammam, she likes to do a homemade face mask once a week with honey and eggs. Hammam says that this treatment helps to hydrate her skin for a relaxing break.