Add some sparkle to any style for all seasons

One of the best ways to accessorize any outfit is to add a pop of sparkle with some jewelry. There are endless options but we recommend some of the versatile jewelry options that are great for every season.

Everyone is familiar with the classic locket that features a picture but the modern floating locket features charms that reflect your personality. This customizable piece of jewelry can feature a variety of charms that are easy to change to fit any style.

Turquoise jewelry adds a pop of blue and is often set in silver for a minimalist boho or casual piece that complements a variety of styles. Turquoise rings and necklaces are easy to pair with a cute romper or maxi dress.

There are so many earrings options and one of my personal favorites is the climb earrings that are a fun alternative to dangling earrings. Climb earrings are the opposite of dangling earrings and wrap around the edge of your ears. This unique option is great for any casual or formal style.

Who says you need jewelry to add some sparkle to your style? One of the biggest accessory trends is blinged-out hair clips that can upgrade any simple bun or ponytail instantly. If you’re not a fan of putting your hair up, you can opt to add some simple clips with a touch of sparkle that can also help to keep your

The body chain is perfect for any party and instantly accentuates your curves. Whether you’re wearing one over a simple dress at the club or adding a touch of bling to your bathing suit by the pool, you’ll definitely catch attention and you won’t have to worry about adding on other accessories.