Staple style pieces for all seasons

Having a versatile wardrobe seems like it might require a lot of pieces but you really only need some simple staple styles. Here are some staple wardrobe pieces that will make your wardrobe more versatile for all seasons.

Having a pair of jeans are essential but black denim jeans are versatile with a variety of other colors and styles. You don’t have to stop at jeans when it comes to black denim, you can try a jacket or mini skirt. You can pair black jeans with a simple tank or a cozy sweater top for casual styles.

Credit: Unsplash

A simple bias-cut slip dress flatters your figure and is easy to accessorize or layer with additional pieces. The slip dress is great for casual but can also be refined for a more elevated look utilizing a leather jacket or vest.

A high-waisted midi skirt is casual for everyday wear and instantly elevates any look. A midi skirt is also a great option for business-casual styles for the office for every season. Pairing a midi skirt with a cropped cardigan is a cute look for visiting family and friends.

Jumpsuits are super simple for travel and are easy to accessorize for any occasion with a hat or jewelry. For colder seasons you can layer with a jacket or a scarf.