The French luxury brand gives Tokyo store new look

The Louis Vuitton store located in Tokyo’s Ginza district received a shimmering renovation for a sea-inspired holographic exterior. The Louis Vuitton Ginza Namiki store is back in business with a new exterior with unique panels layered with dichroic film to resemble reflecting water.

The new store design was created by Japanese architect Jun Aoki used a double-ply glass structure with a slight bend resembling the movement of a wave. The building exterior looks different from every angle with a mesmerizing color shift walking around the store.

New York-based interior designer, Peter Marino, crafted the store’s interior to incorporate the water theme throughout the store including an ethereal floating jellyfish. Marino and Aoki have previously collaborated for the Louis Vuitton store in Osaka featuring a storefront with billowing sails honoring the city’s history as a port town.

The main focus of the interior is a spiral staircase constructed of glass and oak against a massive four-story mural. This location also features an exclusive restaurant on the top floor, Le Café LV, featuring expert and master chef in French cuisine.