Skincare Tips From A Pro

Skincare is important to pretty much everyone, and that is why our world is always looking for the latest and greatest advice on how to keep it glowing. Everyone has their own secret for taking care of their skin, from supplements and/or medication to DIY concoctions to frequent spa treatments.

Regardless of what your secret is, we believe healthy skincare is important. Oftentimes self-care tends to take a backseat to busy lifestyles, so we created this list specifically for busy women and moms on the go.

Credit: Unsplash

Below are three tips you should know about taking care of your skin:

1. Simplify your routine by using multitasking products. You don’t have to own a counter full of various beauty products to have healthy skin! Aim to keep products that can work for any skin type and work for multiple skin concerns in one product. This helps you care for your skin with minimal time, so you’re still available for the endless meetings or the tons of extracurriculars the kids are involved in.
2. Always wear a moisturizer with SPF in the morning. Most can be used as a primer under makeup, and SPF is the biggest protector of premature skin aging and dark spots! This allows you to be good to go in just one step, protecting the delicate skin on your face from the sun’s powerful rays.
3. Always keep travel-friendly products in your purse. This includes a blemish spot treatment, mini concealer, and hand and nail balm for dry, chapped hands. Plus, it helps your manicure last a bit longer.