Juicy Couture is making a comeback

Juicy Couture reached its height of popularity in the early 2000s for their terry cloth and velour tracksuits. It seems that Juicy Couture is looking to revamp the brand with its upcoming spring/summer 2021 collection, bringing back some iconic styles inspired by the early 2000s.

Juicy Couture’s popularity came at a time before the deep development into the loungewear and athleisure wear industry, that is booming now with big brands such as Ivy Park and Savage X Fenty. Juicy Couture has even enlisted a new creative team including the Luxe loungewear expert and former Ivy Park designer Amy Gibson to revive the brand.

The new collection features some of the iconic design aspects of Juicy Couture will be incorporated into modern loungewear styles in the iconic bold color palette. The spring/summer 2021 collection will feature designs beyond the traditional tracksuit with versatile pieces including a monogram hoodie dress with a matching handbag.

The Juicy Couture spring/summer 2021 collection features a new monogram print that is featured with multiple new designs. The new collection is a combination of the past and the present while representing the future of the Juicy Couture brand.