(Photo Credit: Vogue via Ashley Graham)

Ashley Graham is a top model turned proud mom

Ashley Graham is one of those superstars who likes to keep it real when it comes to herself and her stardom.

As a “plus-size model,” Graham is used to challenging what many would consider “traditional beauty norms.” This time, she’s challenging the pregnant body women tend to hide, sharing normal things that happen during pregnancy — like stretch marks.

Five days after announcing her pregnancy with husband Justin Ervin with the world, Ashley shared a nude pregnancy photo of herself to her Instagram account. The photo, which was not taken according to those so-called traditional beauty norms, was meant to show the real body of a pregnant celebrity that is generally hidden from the public. In the caption, she simply stated, “Same same but a little different.”

Proving once again that Ashley Graham always chooses authenticity over a sugarcoated image of herself and her life, she dishes us one more bit of realness: That pregnancy doesn’t have to be perfect; that your body will change; that you are still beautiful.