Back to school time can be stressful for many, especially when it comes to fashion and picking out your outfits for the first few days. Little did you know, if you staple pieces could totally give you so many different ways to wear an outfit. You can be the sharpest pencil in the room… without having to do too much research or breaking the bank.

Investing in basics is the most important thing you can do when shopping for your back to school wardrobe. Versatile pieces are worth the splurge for long-lasting wardrobe pieces since they can be worn in many different ways. Some of the best versatile pieces include jeans, sweaters, denim jackets and color shirts.

Another great thing is a button up shirt. You can be comfortable while looking either casual or dressed up based on how you style the top. You could also try thrift shopping if you’re on a budget. You never know what you’ll find on a visit, or what gems are hiding in the racks.

Lastly, something else that is very important are finding pieces you can mix and match. Why not buy things that you can mix with other pieces so that way you have more outfit options to choose from? And remember, always buy a size up and go with solid colors to make your pieces last even longer! You will be guaranteed to cool for school!